Company Overview

Our philosophy:

Be an extension of their team. Be honest.
Be elegant. Be fun. And negotiate tenaciously.

Blue Door Group specializes in contracting hotel room blocks from a minimum of 10 rooms to as many rooms as the largest conventions may need. We specialize in three types of hotel room block negotiations:

Private & family functions

Sports teams and fan groups

Corporate conference events

We listen to your needs, create a request for proposal (RFP) for your group, and send it out to a worldwide network of hotel national sales managers. The hotels that meet your specifications respond with proposals and we begin the process of negotiating terms on your behalf, based on your groups' specific needs. We save you the time of calling hotels, explaining your project outcomes, and negotiating terms that you may not be familiar with. We take the time to understand the experience you are looking for, and then we bring to you options that deliver.

Already know what hotel you'd like to use? Great. We can work with them to negotiate terms on your behalf.

And this service is at no cost to you.

Yes. You have that right. No cost to you. Zip.

You might be thinking “What’s the catch?”

There is no catch. Hotels and resorts around the world operate by paying accredited travel professionals a booking commission, much like real estate agents or insurance agents earn commissions when customers are paired with homes, products, or solutions that are perfect for their needs.

“Won’t the hotel just raise their rates and pass that cost to me?” Good question. No, they won’t. Hotels price their rooms with a margin for the cost of commission into their annual strategic pricing and revenue plans. The service of a professional site selection agent is built into hotel pricing already, whether you use a professional agent on your behalf or not.

So why not make us part of your team? We can take this part of your project off your hands. We'll provide you with the options, terms, and prices you're looking for. Quickly.